Best Liquid Fuel Backpacking Stoves 2020 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Are you someone who loves to go on expeditions, adventures, etc.? You must have had problems with cooking when you went camping or hiking. Well, to fulfill the purpose of eating good quality food in these areas, backpacking stoves are produced. The name itself defines, a backpacking stove is something you can be carry along in a backpack. However, it has to be taken in a backpack, it should be portable as well as efficient.

Be it a remote expedition or camping at a nearby hill, and it is essential to have such an efficient and useful product with you. It can purposefully provide you food as well as safety from wild animals. Getting healthy food in places where you need the energy to enjoy yourself is very important. Thus having a liquid fuel backpacking stove that is good in all means is very necessary.


  • It provides good and home-like food in remote areas.
  • Provides safety from wild animals
  • Generally, they are durable


  • They are generally bulky because of the fuel cylinder
  • They require more space, but that’s not always an issue.

The most prominent advantage of having a liquid fuel stove is its performance in even adverse or critical conditions. Although this is a heavy option, this reason cannot withstand its efficiency when it comes to tough adventures.

Best Liquid Fuel Backpacking Stoves for Camping

There are several liquid fuel stoves available in the market, but you need to know which one is the most efficient. To clear this dilemma of yours, we are here with the reviews of the four best liquid fuel stoves in the market.

#1. MSR WhisperLite Universal Canister and Liquid Fuel Stove

A fast working, very practical, and efficient stove. You can get to know about its efficiency when of see that it can withstand wind, high altitudes, and cold regions. It is very classy. It is a dependable option. Whether you are on a marshy forest or a desert, this backpacking liquid fuel stove should be at your back.

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  • light-weighted
  • efficient and fast


  • changing the fuel jet is a hectic task

#2. Optimus Nova Stove

It is almost similar to all the camping stoves. It is easy to use and maintain. It can be cleaned much easily as compared to liquid fuel stoves. Although the Powerline control and the included bag is not good enough, the stove yet has good ratings.

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  • It is light in weight
  • Simple usage


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Not too portable

#3. MSR XGK Ex Stove Cooking System

A durable product that is extremely simple to use. It is one of the most reliable liquid fuel backpacking stoves. Although it is not as efficient as the above mentioned one, it works with the same efficiency every time you want it. It is effortless to clean and requires low budget maintenance.

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  • It is bombproof
  • Simple usage and maintenance


  • Heaviest liquid fuel stove
  • Not budget-friendly
  • Noisy

#4. Primus OmniLite TI  camping stove

It can be an efficient option. It is not too budgeting friendly. It can run on white gas too. It has a good as well as the supportive fuel pump. It is a versatile and great camping companion. There are a few cons of this product, and we will see that later in this article.

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  • Good fuel cylinder
  • Efficient


  • It is expensive
  • Louder

Liquid Fuel Backpacking Stoves Buying Guide

Generally, backpacking stoves and categorized according to the type of fuel they use. We are talking about liquid fuel backpacking stove. These stoves can be connected to refillable fuel cylinders. Many liquids furl stoves also run on white gas. These are a very good option when it comes to travelling internationally.

Weight of the liquid fuel stove: these fuel stoves are to be carried along with you to places; thus, they should be as light weighted as possible.

Maintenance: if you live in a remote area or are going to some remote area, then you should know the maintenance demand of your stove. You would obviously not want to look for a mechanic for your stove in those areas.

Fuel type: we are talking about the liquid fuel type, so obviously, it should be a liquid fuel one. They also run on white gas that is very pure and refined gas.

Flames control: if you do not want your cookware to get spoilt and burnt, then you should know about the flame control of your liquid fuel stove. The flame should not be scattering; it should be concentrated. If the fire goes in every direction instead of being scattered, then your fuel will be consumed more. If it is concentrated, it will take less time to heat your cookware.

Durability: the most important point to be considered here is durability. In areas like deserts and marshy forests, you do require something durable because you must have no sign of hope there. Before purchasing, make sure that you check the lifetime of a stove. You can also check the reviews about the stove to get to know about its overall functioning.

Usage: Generally, these stoves are not easy to use still; they work similarly across the globe.

How It Works

When you light some amount of fuel under the burner, it creates a flame all through the generator tube. The generator tube is the one through which the fuel passes. After about a minute or two, when the tube attains much warmth, it is all set to convert a liquid into a gas and maintain an even distribution of the flame.


Now is the time to test this stove. The tests conducted for this stove include ease of use, efficiency measurements, durability and sturdiness, and priming, etc.


Now that we have listed some of the best liquid fuel backpacking stoves before you, it is your call to choose the best suitable stove for yourself. Just in case you have any issues or doubts regarding the stoves mentioned above, you can check the same on Amazon.

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